Chanel Bi-color black/burgundy Medium Quilted Shopping Bag in Golden hardware

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Over the recent years, many bags have been popular for a short period of time and then they vanished! Sadly, there is no way to know when and how that is going to happen, but at some point, chances are high that this issue may occur to your bag, you are holding right now in your home!

In order to make sure that never happens, you will have to take a look at the Chanel Bi-color black/burgundy Medium Quilted Shopping Bag in Golden hardware. Why this bag is special you may wonder? Well, it is a bag which will bring home all other fashion statements, including other bags. Yes, this is a shopping bag as you already know. The essence of it is just stunning.

The first thing we will have to explain is the type of leather. This Chanel Medium Quilted Shopping Bag is made of calfskin leather, so it offers and it guarantees the quality and style. So yes, the bag is going to last, but this isn’t the main advantage of the model here! The bag has a classic and highly appealing design which is almost known as traditional. So, it will stay attractive as long as you want it. Even when you don’t use this bag anymore, it will remind you of great times, so yes, you can carry it once again.

The shoulder strap and double handles made of leather are only additional elements you will find attractive and highly appealing in the bag. If you like it, now is the right moment to own this bag. The only person who doesn’t like it will be the person who doesn’t have it. All others will probably want to ask you a question or two about this impressive bag.



W30 x H23 x D10 (cm)

W11.8 x H9.1 x D3.9 (inch)

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