9 Brands of Bags That Tell Who You Are

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They say that you are what you eat so people can tell your personality or status in life. In the fashion world, we can also boldly say that you are what your bag’s brand is – as this gives the people an idea of who you are or what personality you are trying to portray. Several popular branded bags do exhibit identities as this manifests through the attention of detail and the methods of aesthetics that the producers use on their products. If we are to associate brands of bags to women’s characteristics and personalities, they will certainly be of help to users who want to put an emphasis on how the public view them as a person.

The Luxurious and Exquisite Beauty of Louis Vuitton

LV bags are usually unique and are more anti-conventional than most products in the market. They do not just offer the conventional handbags typical women want but they also give users the prerogative to choose various styles and types such as the Louis Vuitton’s Damier Ebene King Size Toiletry Bag and their Monogram Canvas Pallas Chain where the uniqueness does not have to mean sacrifice in the quality and elegance of the merchandise. Louis Vuitton users are usually for women who are adventurous, daring and like to be in the center of attention on gatherings and gala nights.



The Chic, Charming and Youthful Chloe Collections

Chloe bags are usually petite, colorful and young-looking. Its striking feature is that it has an appeal to young teenagers who want to look elegant whatever they feel like wearing at the moment. Chloe products are usually simplistic and charming; it can be worn by adults who want to portray youth and elegance. You can choose among the youthful bags such as the pink Small Drew Shoulder Bag or the black and beige Elle Chain Clutch that can be used in more formal events and gatherings.


The Professional yet Fashionable Leather Bags of Celine

Celine appeals to the professional users such as the top executives or the business employees. The design of this famous bag usually have rigid and cornered look to it that it can be utilized in professional events. Products such as the Mini Belt Tote in Black Smooth Calfskin exemplify a personality where you can see that the rigid design of the product is complemented by its spacious capacity. You might want to flaunt this brand in your offices or even in your universities.


The Ingenious and Elegant Style of Chanel Bags

The famous brand is known for its more conventional styles of bag. Over the years, you might have seen products similar to the built of their Quilted Small Bowling Bag in Black Calfskin or their Trendy CC Flap Bag in Black Lambskin. However, you will know that it is quite a genius idea of Chanel for having that elegance in style applied to the bags, other than having that authority-imposing CC in the front side of the product. These bags can be used on any occasion and style.


The Young, Classy and Trendy Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent or commonly known as YSL has the look of youthful and outgoing woman who wants to be in various parties and events all at once. The elegance of YSL products transcends that of other brands and products that targets the younger market as it offers classy vibes that can be used in any gathering and event. Bags such as the Classic Large College Monogram Bag in Beige Malelasse Leather and the Classic Baby Emmanuelle Chain Bucket Bag in Leopard Woven Polyester are two products that are both on the far end of the spectrum of style but similar in expressing youth, adventure, and confidence.


Famously Brilliant and Iconic Balenciaga Bags

In searching for bags that could emphasize your attention to detail, you might want to take a look at the famous Balenciaga, as the brand exhibits detailed brilliance in its units of bags. They usually have those units of bags that go with your typical modern shopping outfit, such as the dark red Large Le Dix or their Blackout City S. With its iconic and polished look, this handbag is suitable to any wardrobe on any occasion.


Modern and Trendsetting Prada Designer Bags

This Italian brand reflects the iconic nation’s fashion extravaganza as it offers wide range of up-to-date styles of bags. When you need more flexibility with your bags without sacrificing that head-turning attributes, you might want to take a look at their designer handbags such as the Prada Cahier Bag or the futuristic-looking robotic Tote. This is for the more adventurous users who want to set a tone of modernity in all walks of life.


Classic and Glamorous Hermes Designer Bags

The Hermes takes pride in being a fashion powerhouse as it offers expensively-classy models of bags. It goes with your simple but elegantly-looking outfit during formal occasions. Bag models such as the Medor 23 Clutch Bag and the Mini Convoyeur in Evercolor Calfskin symbolizes this characterization. The Hermes bags do not have to be detailed with glamorous designs to make its highly-coveted class known to other people – just like its user.


Simple, Stylish, Popular and Artistic Gucci Bags

Gucci is a brand of style and simplicity. The popular brand bag offers units that are detailed to perfection. You will see the brilliance of style to products such as the Sylvie Leather Shoulder Bag and the Lilith Snakeskin Top Handle Bag. The composition of the bag’s exterior further strengthen the brand’s market authority in providing units that are highly conceptualized and colorful thus making it useful for users who are creative and artistic


Whatever brand you may choose to patronize, it will reflect the personality you want other people to see. Wear your choice of designer bag with confidence not only to make you a fashion head turner but to gain the admiration and appreciation of the people who value fashion elegance and brilliance.


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