YSL Mini Toy City Embroidered Backpack in Black Leather

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Of all backpacks you can have at the moment, the YSL Mini Toy City Embroidered Backpack in Black Leather is probably the first choice. It looks elegant, gentle and desirable at the same time. Of course, don’t forget that the Mini Toy City is made by Saint Laurent, so it is far more than an ordinary backpack!

The first thing you are going to notice is aforementioned black leather. Then you can see a leather strap at the back and a massive top handle made of black canvas. In addition, this backpack comes with black lining.

At the front you will see the embroidery which is elegant, yet reveals the true nature of the backpack. We were impressed with the result and can add that this is the second most important advantage of the backpack. The first has to be the silver metal pieces which are perfectly implemented into the backpack and they are durable as well. A combination of these two makes the Mini Toy City different than other models you can own today.

Of course, the pure essence of all backpacks is the practicality. Well, in this case, scenario, you will be perfectly satisfied. This model offers a zipper secured pocket at the front, and a massive compartment in the middle, which is also secured by two zippers and a central closing pattern. Inside you get a big, central compartment and an additional pocket which is secured by a zipper.

The Mini Toy City backpack is ideal for an everyday occasion, but for those who don’t want an ordinary alternative. It looks and it is simply a stunning creation by YSL which deserves your full attention at the moment and in the future obviously.



W20 x H28 x D12  (cm)

W7.9 x H11 x D4.7 (inch)

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