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If you are interested in wholesale designer handbags and purses, please send me your order list: ..

If you are interested in wholesale designer handbags and purses, please send me your order list:

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Contact Person: Ray Lau
Email address: [email protected]
Phone number: +852 96229400


When you spend your precious time reading this page about buying whosale designer handbags from DFO handbags, very probably that you have already purchased from us and is satisfied with the quality of our handbags. Carrying the handbags and purses from us, you might be admired by many of your relatives, friends and colleagues who want to own one as well. An idea may come to your mind- making some spare money or even building a business by reselling the handbags and purses from us. It is the reason that DFO Handbags offers wholesale handbags and purses.

Customers who are outside online shopping

Although shopping online is getting more prevalent nowadays, people who prefer to buy offline, particular for high value item, are still the majority. Offering handbags and purses wholesale to you for reselling to people in your own network is a win-win strategy for you, people in your network and DFO Handbags.

Low Entry Barrier

Handbags and purses wholesale program offered by DFO Handbags has merely no entry barrier. You do not have to establish any company, get any commercial license, own a boutique or sign any binding contract to buy wholesale from us. The only requirement is the minimum order of 5 bags in an order and you can mix and match different bags.

How to order

If you want to make a wholesale order, there are two methods.

  1. You can email us your order list and we will reply you with the invoice and payment instructions.
  2. You can add the handbags and purses of your order to the shopping cart of our website. During check out, please choose“bank transfer/ western union”in the payment options, write“wholesale order”in the comment field and then submit the order. After receiving your submitted order, we will send you the invoice in wholesale price and payment instructions by email.