Louis Vuitton Monogram Glaze Backpack GM

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If you’re a man that’s more inclined to wear a backpack but you haven’t found one that you can use for multiple purposes, then we’ve got some great news for you. This year, during the Men’s Fall-Winter show, Louis Vuitton introduced an incredible Monogram Glaze GM backpack! 

The backpack is crafted from glossy Monogram Glaze canvas which is chic and will definitely turn heads. Furthermore, the backpack is quite spacious and is great for several different occasions. For example, if you’ve been hesitant to wear a backpack when you’re going out because you’re afraid it would make you look underdressed, this backpack will solve that problem! It’s elegant yet practical. It’s the dream bag.

In all honesty, people tend to assume that backpacks aren’t a stylish accessory. That’s because most of them are made with unimaginative materials, and overall, they’re not really eye-pleasing. However, once you see this amazing backpack, you’ll never want to stop wearing it.

Furthermore, it has padded straps that make it unbelievably comfortable to carry. You won’t have to worry about the straps cutting into your shoulders. The backpack has outside pockets as well as inside pockets with zipper closures and also double pockets on the inside for your phone.

Ultimately, this Louis Vuitton backpack is a well-designed, practical accessory that you can wear on an everyday basis.


The Louis Vuitton Monogram Glaze Backpack GM is 31 cm (12.2 in) wide, 46 cm (18.1 in) long, and 26 cm (10.2 in) deep. Judging by the dimensions, it really is quite spacious. All in all, this backpack will definitely amaze you in more ways than one.

You can get your amazing Monogram backpack at our online sale for $385.00

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