Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Saintonge Bag Rose Poudre M44442

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Louis Vuitton is a name many women know of and with good reason. When it comes to handbags, it’s hard to beat them in terms of both quality and style. In fact, the good folks of Louis Vuitton might have even outdone themselves this time, giving their customers a combination of a handle bag and a camera bag. The Spring/Summer 2018 collection’s little wonder is the Saintonge bag.
Named after a former French province, Louis Vuitton Saintonge bag has an amazing handle and looks like a typical camera bag. It’s rectangular, but with curved corners and edges, making it appear both soft and sturdy at the same time.
In terms of materials, you only get the best with Louis Vuitton. The Saintonge is made of both monogram canvas and sturdy, yet smooth calfskin. While the back of the Saintonge is flat, the front has the diamond-shaped clasp with two tassels hanging from it. Naturally, the logo of the house is right there, engraved onto the golden diamond clasp.
You’ve surely noticed the double zipper, no? With most bags, a double zipper would look…odd. But not Saintonge. This little bag makes the double zipper look good. The inside of the bag is lined with cotton and canvas. You get one big compartment and a smaller, flat pocket. Both of these are perfect for your belongings.
The handle and the strap make Saintonge perfect for any type of carrying. Add to that the interesting colors and design, and you have a bag everyone will pay attention to. You’d expect nothing less from Louis Vuitton, of course.


Dimensions and Features
The Louis Vuitton Saintonge bag is 21 cm (8.3 in) wide, 15 cm (5.9 in) long, and 8 cm (3.2 in) deep. It combines several colors, most notably the Rose Poudre, and is made of both monogram canvas and calfskin leather.
Saintonge sells here for about $294. It’s an absolute bargain, so get it as soon as possible.

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