Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt District PM Yellow

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Over the years, we have had many Louis Vuitton products made specifically for an event or related to a sport. In a matter of fact, LV is a brand known for this and especially for America’s Cup. There were several bags associated with this cup and each one provided a huge satisfaction to its owners.

Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt District PM is a new addition to the America’s Cup Collection. It has been designed and made to be the best products of its kind and it is truly a remarkable bag.

We will have to start with a nautical aspect the bag offers and with the strong graphics. Of course, let’s not forget about the Damier Cobalt and cowhide leather. In reality, only the finest materials have been chosen for this bag. The end result is amazing looks and the style which is powerful and impressive in any way.

Metal pieces are painted in silver color and they look fantastic. This color is more appealing due to nautical relations. An even more important addition is the rubber pieces. They are matted blue, or in other words, they are just right as nautical elements.

Yes, this bag is small, but it has 2 pockets inside and a single pocket on the outside. Pockets are large enough for most papers and documents or if you prefer, larger belongings. A leather strap is mandatory with these bags, so it comes as standard. It is adjustable and removable. The bottom line is the ability to carry the bag as you prefer.

To summarize the things up, the Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt District PM is just ideal for all of you who like America’s Cup Collection and for all of you who want to own a bag with unique colors and design.


W25 x H22 x D7 (cm)

W9.8 x H8.7 x D2.8 (inch)

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