Louis Vuitton Damier White Cup Pochette Voyage MM

Louis Vuitton Damier White Cup Pochette Voyage MM

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All our Louis Vuitton bags are tested and manufactured in order to meet the quality standards which are the highest in the industry. As such, you are certain that the quality is truly remarkable.

Louis Vuitton Damier White Cup Pochette Voyage is here and it is ready to charm most of the potential owners, who will become owners after they see the bag. Damier Latitude pattern is new, while the V Gaston is actually completely reinvented. Together, these two elements make the entire bag look impressive no less. It is developed as a part of the America‚Äôs Cup collection and we are expecting a lot of success from it.

The interior of a bag is more practical than you would expect. First and foremost, it features zipper-secured system. We should add that zippers are tested for up to million openings/closures, so they are long-lasting! Inside, 1 large compartment is available for most, usually bigger accessories. 6 pockets for credit cards are available as well. Credit cards are easy to pull from the slots and also easy to put them back in.

Coated canvas, microfiber lining, and cowhide leather are the main materials here. As we have mentioned, these bags must meet impossible quality standards, therefore the ultimate quality is immense. The same applies to the interior pockets and compartment. All of them are easy perfectly made in any way imaginable and resistant to the wear and tear.

Dimensions of the product are W10.6 x H8.3 x D1.2 inches, so you can get a closer idea how it looks in reality. If we add the just mentioned looks and practicality, we can deduce that this is a practical, modern and gorgeous bag for each occasion.



W27 x H21 x D3 (cm)

W10.6 x H8.3 x D1.2 (inch)

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