Louis Vuitton Autres Cuirs Duffle Bag M53044

Louis Vuitton Autres Cuirs Duffle Bag M53044

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There are a lot of women who want something different and something that hasn’t been seen ever before. Chances are high that you are one of them. If you are, you will like the Louis Vuitton Autres Cuirs Duffle Bag. It was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière and we can see it as a part of SS 2018 collection.

The first thing we are going to mention is the shape of the Louis Vuitton Autres Cuirs Duffle Bag . The bucket shape is one of a kind and extremely original. As such, this bag will find new owners who don’t like to own something that another person may have already. Still considering about the bag? Don’t forget that it is rare and it will stay rare, meaning that it may be impossible to get one in the near future!

When it comes to handles, you have one at the top which is reasonably practical. You also get a removable shoulder strap which is made of pure leather. There is no need to add that carrying the bag on the way you like is possible at all times.

The S closure isn’t rare. As a matter of fact, it is an iconic piece of design and it has been seeing a lot of times on the Louis Vuitton creations. In addition, this model has gold hardware which matches the overall design and looks fabulous. The quality of this element and the leather shouldn’t be even mentioned. It is just perfect for the lack of a better word.

In the end, the Louis Vuitton Autres Cuirs Duffle Bag will impress all of you, but just a few will want it as soon as possible. We must add that now is the right time to own this bag, but you can show it every single day.



W22 x H23 x D14 (cm)

W8.7 x H9.1 x D5.5 (inch)

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