Gucci Medium GG Marmont Black velvet shoulder bag with Floral Embroideries

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What about small and compact bags that will break many different hearts? Well, we can say that they are the best, but there are no a lot of them! As a matter of fact, there are 3-4 models available on the market at any given moment that offer all of the just mentioned benefits. There is no need in telling you that those bags are the most desirable of them all.

The Gucci Medium GG Marmont velvet shoulder bag is one of them. It comes elegant, sexy and with a high level of attention to details, so the overall appeal the bag will provide is stunning. It is still new, but this bag is already known as heartbreaker. Of course, the first thing you will notice is the chain strap which is paired with leather elements. Combined, they look elegant and comfortable at the same time. In addition, this bag is really appealing to carry for a longer period of time.

A separate thing that must be mentioned is the stitching which is so precise and accurate that it is special. After all, the beauty is in details and this bag has a lot of them. Besides the aforementioned stitching, there is a logo that must be mentioned. A massive GG logo is beautiful, offers a high level of attention to details and it comes as perfect for this bag.

Spring closure is there to make your belongings safe at all times and also to make the bag more practical than ever before. In addition, this is also added in order to make the bag extremely practical and easy to use.

At the first sight, you may say that this is a small bag, but it is still practical. Inside you get plenty of space for most your items and there is an additional pocket for smaller items. Access is great and the bag is extremely practical. Just imagine all the looks that will be directed towards you when you are pulling your new bag to reach a credit card or something similar.

In addition, the bag is large enough to provide plenty of space for your smartphone, car keys, belongings and etc. After all, the bag is just perfect for all of you who are looking for an ultra-modern and sophisticated bag with all the elements you are going ever to need.



W31 x H19 x D8  (cm)

W12.2 x H7.5 x D3.2 (inch)

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