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What if you are looking for a backpack that doesn’t look like that? Then you are going to need the Gucci Coco Capitan logo Backpack. First and foremost, it is designed and made for Fall/Winter collection of 2017 and it is one of the most appealing backpacks of this kind ever.

The second things you will want to know that the backpack is a product of collaboration between Gucci and Coco Capitan. That’s why you are capable of seeing the name of a designer in the name and title of the backpack. All we can say is that these two professionals did an impressive job and they created something that will stay attractive for decades.

The third fact is the main material, which is obviously leather. It is soft, elegant and feels great. But, we liked the motto on the backpack itself, which is "Common Sense is not that common." This made it completely original and appealing to people who want to look different as well. The motive is handwritten and it makes the backpack have personality.

Practicality is on a high level. You have 2 leather shoulder straps with a drop of 3 inches. They are comfortable to carry and even when the backpack is completely full, the practicality won’t be compromised. Here it is essential to add that the comfort and practicality, alongside massive space inside a backpack, are the main advantages. The unit is simple and has one massive compartment but at the same time it is easy to use and can transport massive items.

The Gucci Coco Capitan logo backpack is designed for people who want to get practicality with style. The backpack is just perfect and impressive in any way possible. All of this means that you should stay focused on the unit we had here.



W35 x H44 (cm)

W13.8 x H17.3 (inch)

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