Gucci Broadway purple velvet mini bag

Gucci Broadway purple velvet mini bag

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We all know that Gucci bags come impressive and they are capable of offering so much to people who want all of it. The all-new Gucci Broadway velvet mini bag is one of those creations that offers precisely that. It is beautiful, it comes with an astonishing name and it has all the main elements important for the designer's house.

The first thing to know is that you get 2 large bees on the front. They have crystal wings, so they are beautiful as well. Then we have G closure and the small size. These are just the basics in question and they are impressive due to so many reasons.

One of the most appealing elements of the bag is the hidden pocket which is located under the flap closure. Then we can see a detachable shoulder strap, which is made to last and offers superior quality. At this point, we should add the fact that the entire unit is well-made and worthy of the Gucci name.

The color and leather lining to make a huge difference. Overall, you can feel the sensation when you touch the bag and you can enjoy the visible quality. Besides that, we have the metal hardware. It is gold-colored and it is antique. What this means is that you get a bag which is a combination of old and new, modern and traditional. For most of you, this is all you are going to need.

Additional aspects of the bag include small and portable dimensions and the practicality. In essence, you get the space you are going to use wisely and you get a massive shoulder strap drop of 19.5 inches, so it will look sexy as well.

In the end, all we can say regarding the Gucci Broadway velvet mini bag is that it has it all.



W18.5 x H12 x D4  (cm)

W7.3 x H4.7 x D1.6 (inch)

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