Chanel Chevron Quilted Folded Pouch Orange Red

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Chanel is simply superb and different. Most people like them just because each product is unique in its own way and it doesn’t look like it was seen in the past.

Then we have the fact which made all Chanel products desirable and jealous-makers. Every time someone sees a Chanel bag or pouch, the jealousy will take effect. After all, owning a fashion statement like that is precious.

The Chevron Quilted Folded Pouch is a timeless creation, which will be desirable in the future, probably even more than today. It is small, perfectly sized in order to carry it anywhere you go. Once you need more space for your belongings, you can unfold it and that’s it. The pouch becomes a large bag capable of carrying all sorts of things.

The design is something we don’t have to explain. As you can see, it is suitable for evenings, when it will make the entire pouch extraordinary and make you stand out from the crowd. Of course, the pouch can be worn during the day.

With the large zipper at the top and CC clasp, the functionality is much better than you may get from other pouches within the same class. As we have mentioned, Chanel makes only unique fashion statements, so Chevron Quilted Folded Pouch isn’t any different.

Just pay attention to the ‘’Chanel Paris’’ on the pouch. Precisely this element is important for making the pouch even more special.  Chanel Chevron Quilted Folded Pouch isn’t something you may need, it is something you must own.



W27 x H15 x D2 (cm)

W10.6 x H5.9 x D0.8 (inch)

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